What can you do to make sure that your child gets all the benefits of music Part 4




Singing-along for 10 minutes every day



A great way to develop good music sense in children is to make them sing with their favorite songs. You can also sing along with your favorite songs when your kids are around.  You can play some popular children’s songs for your kids and when they learn them, encourage them to sing. Play the songs when they are around and encourage them when they show interest. For the children’s songs, two collections are very good which I personally recommend to everyone. I continuously explore and discover good material for kids. I pick the ones to which kids respond the most.  One such collection is Disney’s four volumes of ‘Children’s favorites’. This collection is rare to find and only the first volume is available on Indian iTunes store. Some songs from this collection are available on youtube (Search for ‘children's favorites disney’). This is a Disney records release and the songs are performed by Larry Groce & Disneyland children’s singalong chorus.  If you wish to have the full collection of four volumes, you can buy it from Amazon.com.

Second collection of good children’s songs is ‘Favorite children’s songs by Baby genius’. You can buy DVDs / CDs of this collection or watch it on youtube.

British council’s website for children is also a goof resource for children’s songs. The link is www.learnenglish.britischcouncil.org/en. You will find many songs and musical games which children enjoy singing.



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