January 16, 2018


What you create for yourself no one can ever take from you. So, don’t let your song die inside of you.
At times you can’t explain yourself, but a song can so..  

     Tell Your Story in a Song


Tip 1: Create a Spoof Song: Learn to have fun. To start on a lighter note take a song you find catchy and make a spoof out of it. Change the lyrics to something funny and enjoy the rhythm and the beats.


Tip 2: Write poems: Be lyrical, as this will help you inculcate the kind of skill and creativity needed to write a song. Then, add some music to it.


Tip 3: Pick up words and play with tunes: Pick up random words and try to make a song that makes sense out of it.


Tip 4: Mix songs: Interpret songs differently and mix two or more songs and make a new meaningful song. After all, a song need not fit only one interpretation.


Tip 5: Choose 2-3 genres to work on: Once you feel you’re in that song writing zone, start writing mindfully on themes that you would love to make songs on.


Tip 6: Observe and play with situations: Some of the best ideas come up from everyday situations. Don’t miss them.


Tip 7: Listen: Don’t get so busy creating songs, listen music too! Connect the dots; you never know how one song can take you to another song.




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