February 11, 2018

Every child is an artist and child who sings is a happy child. Cherish the children marching to the beat of their own music. They play the most beautiful and heart warming songs.

AFFECT 1: Helps the child grow like graffiti in other fields:It helps in exposing the child to a whole new world and helps him or her become an all-rounder. Any creative art helps the child grow holistically.

AFFECT 2: Affect on brain development:Music has been observed to affect a lot of parts of the brain and the cognitive development increases when a child listens to music, plays an instrument or sings.

AFFECT 3: Emotional and behavioral maturation:A song is a great tool to make a child learn something. Not only does it add fun but also helps the child become more evolved and balanced on the emotional front.

AFFECT 4: Increases focus:Playing and instrument or memorizing the lyrics or tune of a song improves the cognitive function and helps the child in concentrating better. It has similar effects as that of meditation.

AFFECT 5: Enhances creativity:The more music and songs a child gets to explore the more his or her vocabulary, the ability to comprehend and the ability to use those words improves. Thus, it also becomes very important to make the right choice when suggesting song tracks. The

AFFECT 6: Where words fail, music speaks:Even a child who can’t speak responds to music and sounds.










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