Music Therapy- Because music can cure things that medication never will



Ways in which music heals the World:

Listening and playing music activates several areas of the brain. Soft instrumental music may stimulate certain hormones in the brain and body as a result of which the listener can feel motivated and be at peace.

Music of all varieties kindles health benefits like lowering of blood pressure, reducing anxiety and inducing relaxation.

Listening to flute music: Reduces stress, helps in meditating and focusing better, calms the body down and even helps in sleeping better.

Conch shell’s sound: Destroys the harmful micro bacteria and negative energy in the atmosphere, benefits people with respiratory diseases like asthma and lever problems, provides similar benefits such as pranayama and helps people with deafness and impediments as well.

Vibrations: Vibrations from sacred sounds of mantras developed by ancient Rishis, Seers, and Yogis of India play upon the effectiveness of sound for enhancing consciousness. Chanting them determines the combination of meridians that are stimulated in the mouth and have a healing effect on the body.

Classical music: Can boost cognitive function, fight depression, help with pain management &can significantly improve   of sleep. Classical Music is also instrumental in boosting productivity and creativity.









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Music Therapy- Because music can cure things that medication never will

May 26, 2018

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