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Get ready for the incredible Musicology story! It's a whirlwind of dreams, hopes, hard work, and creating something beautiful for others. Anurag and Manisha's journey is a symphony of inspiration that will leave your heart singing!

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The Musicology Story

Anurag and Manisha, two dynamic founders with a passion for making a positive difference in people's lives through music, embarked on this incredible journey while still in their early 20s. 

Although both were pursuing different careers at the time, their hearts beat in rhythm with the idea of creating a music school that would revolutionize the Indian music education scene. Anurag, a multitalented professional singer-songwriter-composer, had just scored a major record label deal, and he was in the process of recording his very own pop album. On the other hand, Manisha, a certified architect, was already making waves with her remarkable projects, crafting marvelous 5-star hotels, nursing homes, and splendid housings.

In a sudden stroke of inspiration, they decided to make their dream a reality, and that's when Musicology was born in October 2003. Anurag took charge of designing and delivering the courses, while Manisha effortlessly managed the administrative side of things. The result? Musicology became an instant favorite, attracting music enthusiasts of all ages, eager to learn and grow under their expert guidance.

As the number of students continued to swell, Musicology had to relocate not once, but thrice, to accommodate everyone's thirst for musical knowledge. The demand for their courses grew exponentially, and to reach even more aspiring musicians, Musicology ventured into franchising, online courses, and captivating Masterclass sessions.

Not content with merely empowering individuals, Musicology extended its reach to schools, conducting top-notch training and certification programs. The 21st century saw Musicology evolve into a global phenomenon, bridging distances and bringing quality music education to students all around the world through its stellar online courses.

As Musicology's journey unfolded, a parade of talented and passionate individuals hopped aboard Anurag and Manisha's music-filled adventure! Anurag and Manisha diligently trained their team, ensuring every student received the same awe-inspiring 'Musicology' experience. These fantastic teammates brought their spark and contributed immensely to the Musicology story.

Meanwhile, while Anurag was shaping the future of Musicology, his own music career skyrocketed to new heights. The music industry couldn't get enough of his awe-inspiring talent! Major record labels like Universal Music and Times Music were quick to recognize his genius, and they eagerly released his melodious creations to the world.
He became an absolute favorite with MTV! The channel was so enamored with his songs that they put them on heavy rotation across shows like MTV Roots, MTV Just Arrived, and MTV Indies.
Anurag's songs soared to the number 1 spot on various music charts! He also earned himself a treasure trove of awards for his singing, songwriting, and compositions.

Beyond their professional partnership, Anurag and Manisha's love story blossomed, culminating in a beautiful marriage in 2005. Now, they have two sons, who, much like their talented parents, are major music buffs themselves!

So, if you're seeking to unlock your musical potential, look no further than Musicology, where melodies meet passion, and dreams find wings to soar. Let the symphony of education and inspiration guide you on your musical journey!


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