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Music Classes in Bangalore-On Site & Online


Learn the Art of Music with Our Online Music Classes in Bangalore

Welcome to Anurag Dixit's Online Music Classes in Bangalore, the premiere music institute since 2003, offering high-quality music education through interactive 'live' online music classes. Our award-winning Online Music Classes Bangalore are tailor-made for productive and fun online music learning for all age groups. As a globally recognized music institute, we take pride in our exceptional music education that prepares students for a successful musical journey. 

Why Choose Music Classes Bangalore?

At Musicology, we believe in providing comprehensive Music Classes Bangalore that encompass proper technical exercises, music language, music theory, improvisation, ear training, and more. We provide the Best Music Classes in Bangalore, as Our Courses are designed with step-by-step methods, graded books, and a mobile app with professionally recorded tracks for practice. As the Best Music School in Bangalore, We also include well-designed worksheets to aid in practice and learning.

Our unique approach to music education sets us apart from other Online Music Classes in Bangalore. We understand that online music education works differently  and we have designed our courses specifically for the 'live' online environment.

Our Music Lessons

We offer separate courses for singing classes, guitar classes, keyboard classes, drum classes, music production classes, and songwriting classes, each taught by expert instructors who are passionate about music education.

Online Kids Keyboard Classes Bangalore

Our online kids keyword classes in Bangalore have been created by expert instrumentalists to help the little kids start their journey with the piano/keyboard. Our Best Music Classes in Bangalore helps the children to build robust foundation.


At the end of our course, the students can play the keyboard notes and the pre-composed tunes freely. Our expert teacher at the Best Music School in Bangalore offers personalized attention and gives continuous feedback to the students while mapping their progress throughout the course. 

Best Piano Classes Bangalore

With the widespread prominence in Western music for the performances that range from solo, accompaniment as well as chamber music. The piano is known for its versatility. Moreover, it enjoys a lot of popularity among composers looking to create beautiful music.


At Musicology, we consider the piano not just an instrument but an institution, promoting musical expression in young minds. With our online Piano Classes Bangalore, we help you develop all the necessary skills and practice to become an expert pianist with a flair for excellence. 


Additionally, we also offer Singing Classes Bangalore, where our expert instructors will help you refine your vocal abilities, making Musicology your comprehensive destination for both piano and Singing Classes in Delhi.


Best Guitar Classes Bangalore For Beginners

 The guitar tends to be the most recognized and perceived musical instrument all over the world. Musicology can instill in you or your child the sheer class, fun, and unparalleled experience of playing the guitar. As the Best Guitar Classes Bangalore, we are well-known in Bangalore for our exceptional learning environment and the high caliber of our students. You can be confident that you will master the intricacies of the guitar with our assistance. 


For beginners who want to learn the guitar and achieve meticulous proficiency in playing the instrument with the finesse of a professional. In our guitar lessons for beginners at Best Music Classes Bangalore, you will learn everything from the basics of the instrument and improve in every stage. We leave no stone unturned in sharpening your skills and transforming you into a natural guitarist. We focused on making sure that our lessons of Guitar Classes in Noida for beginners progressed in a systematic and streamlined manner. 


Is it worth it to learn music online?

Learning music online with Musicology can be highly worthwhile. Our Online Music Classes Bangalore offer numerous benefits. Students can enjoy flexibility in scheduling, access to experienced instructors, and the convenience of learning from the comfort of their homes.

Are online music classes as best as traditional ones?

Musicology's Online Music Classes in Bangalore are designed to be on par with traditional lessons, if not better in certain aspects. Our experienced instructors offer personalized attention, and with the use of modern technology, students can access a wide range of resources, including video tutorials, practice materials, and interactive sessions.

Can we book online music classes in the USA?

Yes! While our primary focus is on providing the Best Music Classes in Bangalore, we also offer online music classes to students in the USA and around the world. Our virtual platform allows us to reach students globally, ensuring everyone can benefit from our expert instruction and comprehensive music education.

What are some suggestions for online music classes?

Enrolling in our Online Music Classes in Noida or Delhi offers experienced instructors, a structured curriculum, and a variety of musical genres to explore. Moreover, we ensure that the classes are tailored to your skill level and provide flexibility in scheduling. 

Why should you join online music classes?

Joining Musicology's online music classes is a smart choice for several reasons. Our online  Music Classes in Bangalore offer convenience, flexibility, and access to top-tier instructors. Whether you're a beginner or an advanced musician, our curriculum caters to your needs. 

How do I communicate with my music instructor during online classes?

Online music instructors at Musicology typically use video conferencing platforms such as Zoom or Skype for lessons. You can communicate with your instructor in real time through these platforms, asking questions and receiving feedback.


Step by step methods to perform music
Proper techniques to play or sing
Scales, Arpeggios, Etudes & Rudiments
Music language / Reading music 
Music  theory
Songs- Modern & Classics

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30,000+ students from world over have gained from Musicology's hugely popular courses.


Vision & guidance of globally renowned artist Anurag Dixit

'Live' online classes, No recorded videos
Well designed books with step-by-step methods
Professionally recorded exercises for practice
Professional study material
Free App
VIP access to Anurag Dixit's facebook group
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Get Ready to Enroll in Our Online Music Classes Bangalore!

Enroll in Anurag Dixit's Musicology, if you are looking for the Best Music Classes in Bangalore today, and let us help you achieve your musical dreams through our interactive 'live' online music classes.

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