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for 12 years +




Musicology Guitar Garage: Beginner & advanced level course in Guitar


COURSE NAME: Guitar Garage (For Acoustic & Electric Guitar)

Mode: Online OR Classroom

FOR: 12 years +

Grades: 6 (Can be upgraded to 8) 

Duration: 6 months each grade

(*12 months for certain grades)

Class: Once in a week

Learn with Live class + Books + App

Certificate & Non certificate options*

(This is a certificate course of 1 year duration, certificate will be issued only when the full course fee is paid upfront at the time of admission.)

Course content includes:

Technical exercises

Music theory

Music leanguage

Ear Training



Master the basic concepts of music. This course will give you an intimate understanding of scales, chords and different styles of rhythm and melody in Guitar. Following the course instructions, you can become more dynamic, expressive and well-round performer. This extensive program provides students with a wide array of tools and the knowledge necessary to develop a good technique and gain a greater feel for their instrument.

     This course enables you to:

  • Completely understand your instrument. Get a solid foundation in basic concepts.

  • Play a wide variety of songs with accurate technique & knowledge of music theory.

  • Understand notation of your instrument

  • Play scales, arpeggios and broken chords in all keys

  • Develop a good technique through exercises

  • Grasp different playing styles related to your instrument….And much more

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Mr. Kishore Ajwani


"I am really thankful to have found Musicology for my son Zuber. He couldn’t have had a better start in his journey on the path of music. It has truly been a rewarding experience for us."

Nidhi Sirohi

Principal, GD Goenka World School, Noida

I am very happy and satisfied with my son Daksh’s music education at Musicology. Musicology is able to tap the latent talent in each student, thereby teaching music it should be taught

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