Musicology Music Biz -Wiz: Beginner & advanced level course in music promotion & publicity

The music industry has undergone extreme changes over the past few years, many of which have opened the doors for developing bands and artists. Learn the basics behind music promotion and publicity. Musicology Biz Wiz provides artists with the foundational music promotion skill set they will need to succeed and thrive in the new music business.


This course enables you to:

  • Make a career in music industry and make money from your musical talent

  • Establish, manage & promote your band or yourself like a pro (Singer / songwriter/composer/Producer/musician/)

  • Learn how to get gigs (shows), record albums and get paid

  • Form a band that stays together in longer run. Manage the band like corporate.

  • Establish an image for the band / yourself which works best for your professional career

  • Make songs that work bestfor the image of band

  • Prepare professional agreements, tech-riders, terms & conditions that will help immensely in live performances, projects & song releases etc.

  • Manage live gigs, recordings, media & web releases like pros.

  • Grow a solid fan base for your music

  • Get publicity and media attention for your work

Learn these professional courses personally from Anurag Dixit – One of the most popular pop musicians in India.The only FL Studio power user from India.Multi-award winning singer-composer-songwriter-educator.Mentored numerous successful singers, musicians & bands.

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