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Train Your Child To Become A Genius

Updated: Mar 7

Anurag Dixit's Musicology Noida

Most of us think that genius is a born trait but scientists in modern era don’t seem to agree. One of them is John Medina. I am an admirer of Medina’s work and I would like to share it with you. Through his studies, Medina has proved that genius is a trait that can be developed. Here are the top 5 habits which can be developed in children:

1. Desire to explore: The idea is very simple-we can encourage the children to explore. When an apple falls off a tree, don’t eat it. Ask why? At Musicology, we encourage our students and instructors to use 4 Ws – What, Why, When, Where?

2. Self control: This is ‘focus’ and time management. These days many kids are wasting too much time on Whatsapp, facebook or phones. During our class conversations, we often tell them how to use the gadgets wisely and take advantage of the new technology.

3. Creativity: Creativity is the product of Imagination. Lengthy homework assignments, tuitions coaching and parents’ consistent pressure to score better marks –all this is killing our children’s imagination. Einstein himself said- Imagination is more important than knowledge. We can encourage our kids to read books, develop new hobbies, play games that involve role-playing and make friends.

4. Verbal communication: Human learning in its most native state is primarily a relational exercise. Intelligence is not developed in the electronic crucibles of cold, lifeless machines, but in the arms of warm, loving people. You can literally rewire a child’s brain through exposure to relationships. Giving more time to your kids and giving them more opportunities to meet relatives and friends is certainly a good idea.

5. Non-verbal communication: This one is the most important skill found in the great innovators & achievers. This is the art of interpreting gestures & facial expressions. The only way to develop this skill is by interacting with other people. That’s why children need human time in their developing years. Not computer time, not TV time. Your child’s brain needs more interaction with you and other people, on a consistent basis. This is the reason we support music education in groups and we always encourage our students to make friends and collaborate with each other.

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