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Updated: Mar 7

PERKS OF ATTENDING LIVE CONCERTS Music can change the world, as it can change people. Isn’t it fun when the whole crowd sings to the band in unison and screams the lyrics to your favorite songs? But there is more to it than just that…

Anurag Dixit's Musicology

Perk 1: Meet like-minded people: What better way can there be to meet people who follow your, most likely, favorite band or musician?

Perk 2: Find band members: You may find many music lovers who are willing to start their own band or like to jam together and making friends there would be a good way to find someone creative to give you company.

Perk 3: Have fun: While trying to be productive the main idea of going to a concert, which is to have fun, shouldn’t be lost. Sing your heart out with many more people doing the same and let go of yourself and enjoy thoroughly.

Perk 4: Find the opportunity: You never know when an opportunity knocks at your door. Try interacting with people who could help by providing guidance.Meeting the right people at the right time and being ready to present your talent could be helpful.

Perk 5: Get inspired: With some of the best people playing for you learn from them and get motivated to hone your stage skills if you’re already a musician.

So, are you ready to feel the bass pounding through your system?

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