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Exploring the Best Music Schools in India for Budding Musicians

Updated: May 18, 2023

Anurag Dixit’s Musicology is an acclaimed music school based in India that has gained a reputation for offering some of the highest-quality musical education available. Led by Anurag, they offer courses and classes in various instruments like guitar, piano, drums and voice as well as theory and composition classes. They also host live shows where their students can perform with experienced teachers who understand their craft.

At Musicology, it's all about learning to be creative within music without being bound by any particular genre or style. Rather than going after perfectionism every single time, Musicology places emphasis on experimentation for bettering oneself musically which makes learning fun yet challenging at the same time. Their passionate faculty along with rigorous standards ensure that each student learns from them to express themselves fully through this beautiful medium known as music!

What truly sets apart Musicology from other schools are its extracurricular activities; these include quiz sessions among fellow classmates focusing on something related to the subject taught during class hours more so with song lyrics plus skill building workshops conducted by guest lecturers covering genres one wouldn't typically learn such as film scores etcetera - pushing boundaries while alongside having loads of fun creating unforgettable memories everywhere you go!

Indeed, if you're looking forward getting into serious professional study/exploration around music then look no further because attending Anurag Dixit’s Musicology school would provide great experiences guaranteed!

There are separate courses for kids, teens & adults. From beginner to advanced level, each course offers 8 grades. Classes are held once in a week. Both 'at-site' and 'online music classes' are available for all ages. For more information whatsapp / call at 0-9899685820

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