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“Online music lessons are trending” Says Musicology director Manisha Dixit

Updated: Mar 7

Online or offline? Find out the latest trends in music education

(Interview published in Google News & Entrepreneur stories)

Online education is a recent trend which is catching up fast! And music education is no exception. Why are music lovers from all over the world joining online Music courses? Anita Bhide from the USA tells us "My daughter Shubhika has just joined an online music course at Musicology online school. And I can't tell you how happy I am!

Before moving to the US, we were in Bangalore where my daughter joined three different music classes but no one was teaching professionally. I thought we wouldn't face such difficulty in the US but we still haven't found anything nearby which could offer a regular, well planned program.

When Musicology’s online music classes started, I observed how they focus on basics with the help of a well defined curriculum. Now my daughter is making steady progress. The best part is that she has started enjoying music! All thanks to these online music classes. So I would say online music education has proved to be a blessing for my daughter.” Says Anita.

There are several other parents like Ms Anita who share a similar story. So what actually makes this ‘online’ music school tick? We talked to Ms. Manisha Dixit, the founder director of Musicology. Here are the excerpts from the interview:

Q. How did it all start? Can you share the ‘Musicology’ story with us?

Sure! Musicology was founded in 2003. The idea was to provide ‘proper music education’ in a systematic way and at a reasonable cost. We are happy that students loved the experience so much that Musicology quickly became one of India’s leading music schools.

Q. Wonderful! I’m sure you guys must have worked hard for that. So, when did the online courses start?

Our students who had to move to other cities or countries used to tell us that they were not able to find systematic, proper music classes like Musicology. It was actually surprising for us that our students found Musicology lessons way better than what was being offered in the US or Europe. We took this feedback seriously and launched our new ‘online’ curriculum in 2012. Now students from all over the world are learning with Musicology’s online live classes.

Q. What type of online courses Musicology offers?

We offer online music courses in singing, guitar, piano, keyboard, drums etc. We also offer online courses for music production, professional singing, songwriting and music business.

Q. That’s great! So what makes Musicology courses so effective & popular?

Most of our students tell us that Musicology lessons are the best online music lessons. They find that Musicology courses are designed specifically for online music training. They also find that the curriculum is well designed and follows a step by step method for learning music.

Musicology lessons focus on the basics and also help greatly in ear training, improvisation skills & technical skills.

Q. Based on your experience, do you think music education really helps in personality development?

Of course! But not if the music education is ‘random’ or ‘superficial’. Only ‘proper’ music education for a prolonged period of time can help greatly in personality development. Renowned brain scientist John Medina has mentioned in his book ‘Brain rules’- “Ensure your Children's proper music education for 5 to 7 years and you will see them in top colleges, securing great careers.”

Since 2003, Musicology has witnessed countless success stories of students who pursued music for a longer time.

Q. So how do you ensure that students get the best experience in online music courses?

At Musicology online school, you learn proper techniques & concepts of music. Our award winning, step by step method comes with books & online app. This method is specifically designed for online music classes. There are separate Musicology courses for kids, teenagers, adults & budding musicians.

You get time tested quality & assurance of Musicology’s vast experience. Since 2003, Musicology has trained thousands of students. Musicology teachers go through extensive teachers’ training and they follow a uniform Musicology method.

Above all, you learn under the vision & guidance of Mr. Anurag Dixit who is not only a renowned artist but also an award winning music educator.

Q. That’s great to know! What if someone wants to learn from Mr. Anurag in person? Does he teach beginners?

Yes, for budding musicians & music enthusiasts, we offer ‘Musicology Pro’ courses. These ‘Live’ online lessons are taught by Anurag sir. These are ‘short term’ courses in which professional techniques & industry secrets are shared by Mr. Anurag.

Q. That’s totally awesome! Is there any certification after completing the courses?

Yes, for both ‘regular’ & ‘Pro’ courses, students receive a certificate of completion which is approved by a registered institution. We also issue a ‘Letter Of Recommendation’ to select students. Both certificates and LOR are useful in enhancing your profile.

Thank you so much! Would you like to say something to our readers?

“Let music be a major force in your life. I’ve seen music changing lives and I wish that every single person receives the blessings & gifts music has to offer. I wish all of you the very best in life.”

Manisha Dixit is the founder director of Musicology school of music & performing arts. You may reach Musicology at Follow Musicology on instagram: @anuragdixits_musicology

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