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Power of Music classes

Updated: May 18, 2023

On a bright sparkling morning while i was sipping my cuppa tea, I received a call. A worried grandfather inquiring about music classes for a boy who was roughly around 9 years of age. He was worried that due to the lockdown his grandson was home all the time not able to live his normal routine and it was a major worry issue for him and for his family. since the child was in US, so music class timing was an important concern. We discussed details at length. But my heart melted with his one sentence, "my grandchild is feeling very lonely there, I am very worried and I think Musicology will be the right solution as music class is truly therapeutic".

There was so much of genuine concern in his voice.. love for his grandchild....this gentleman, reinstated my belief in what family is all could be in any corner of this world but the heart connects us all in such a unique way. My own grandfather's memories popped right up.... how we would get away with murder with him around, we would lay down all our demands.... those demands which we were convinced our parents would never agree to. he would always with great passion and logic take our sides, and we won almost every time .

So coming back to Mr. Rastogi , After two online keyboard classes we reconnected again. I could sense so much honesty in his words when he said "Thank you Manisha Ji, for coordinating everything for me even in this pandemic phase, I'm so pleased that Neil is attending professional piano classes right from his home. His parents are also so thrilled with his music lessons". Neil maybe miles and miles away living in United States, but he lives right there in his grandfather's heart and may they continue making memories for a life time .

Music knows no borders travels beyond borders and so does musicology... It's not restricted by geographies or even a pandemic!!

I bow down to the power of our online Music classes 🎼🎼🎼

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