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Anurag Dixit's MUSICOLOGY lessons

Rules & Regulations  


1. The student must submit a fully completed admission form, including all required information and two recent passport-size photographs, along with the full fee payment in advance to commence attending classes. All information provided in the admission form must be accurate and complete. Students must ensure their names are spelled correctly (as desired for certificate printing) in CAPITAL letters, and date of birth should be provided accurately.

2. Payment for the full course can be made at once or in subscription mode for successive terms.

3. Fees paid, whether in full or in subscription mode, cover tuition only.

4. Mobile app/software app/books and other resources provided for student support are complementary and provided voluntarily for added convenience only. They are not included in the tuition fees. Their functionality may vary due to technical issues, and they may be temporarily or permanently suspended.

5. Fees, whether paid in full or in subscription mode, are non-refundable under any circumstances.

6. A discount may be offered for advance payment of the full course fee (for 1 year, 2 years, or 3 years) at the time of admission, subject to applicable rules.

7. Discount availability may vary, and multiple discount schemes cannot be combined. The amount of discount offered may vary based on individual circumstances.

8. Students must ensure timely payment of full fees on subsequent due dates, which cannot be altered.

9. Late fee charges of Rs 50 per day will be applied for delayed payments.

10. The fee term will not be extended for any reason, including student absence.

11. Fees, whether paid upfront or in subscription mode, are non-refundable and non-transferable. They cannot be adjusted for different courses or students.

12. Classes are closed on national holidays, and substitute classes are not provided.

13. Attendance as per the scheduled day and time is the sole responsibility of the student. Class reminders or follow-ups will not be possible. 

14. 4 consecutive unexcused absences may result in seat cancellation, requiring re-registration with full fee payment.

15. Missed classes are the responsibility of the student, and makeup classes will not be arranged. Course content may be covered in subsequent regular classes. However, At the discretion of the administration, a substitute class may be arranged if the absence is notified in writing at least 48 hours in advance. However, only one substitute class may be arranged for up to four pre-informed subsequent absences. It is important to note that substitute class arrangements cannot be guaranteed within the current term. Additionally, if the fee is due, the payment term cannot be extended if substitute classes are pending. Students will be offered a choice between two timing options for substitute classes. If neither option is suitable, substitute class arrangements will not be possible. 

16. Admin decisions regarding attendance disputes are final.

17. Purchase/sale of musical instruments is the student's responsibility. Teacher/staff will not recommend shops or dealers and are not liable for instrument purchases.

18. Course availability varies, and course structure, content, duration, and fees etc. may change.

19. Video lessons, theory, worksheets, assessments, quizzes, contests, etc., are integral parts of music training and will be counted in lieu of regular classes. 

20. Music training emphasizes repetition (Riyaz), so topics may be revisited multiple times during classes. The curriculum offers a loose structure, allowing the teacher to adapt lessons based on students' abilities and age. Thus, not all curriculum lessons may be covered. Performance is integral to music, and progression to the next lesson is advised only when previous ones are ready. Therefore, teacher may extend the duration of a level.

21. Study materials are provided only to enrolled students.

22. Completion certificates/letters must be collected within three months of issuance. Requests for re-issue may be subject to limitations.

23. Students must undergo internal assessment to be eligible for external exams. We are not responsible for external exam-related matters like scheduling, fee, result etc.

24. Enrollment in respective courses is required for guidance on external exams and/or participation in events.

25. Student batch/time schedules may be adjusted as needed.

26. Audio-visual recordings, photos & presentations may be used for training, assessment, or promotional purposes.

27. Students are responsible for their belongings, and any losses incurred will be their responsibility.

28. Fee, fee structure, course details, policies, rules, and regulations are subject to updates or changes, which students must adhere to.

29. Letters of recommendation/reference (LOR) will be exclusively issued to students who successfully complete the entire course and consistently demonstrate a positive rapport with both the course curriculum & the teacher/staff.

30. Admission may be cancelled for improper behaviour, failure to follow rules, incomplete or incorrect documentation, failure to submit full fees, repeated unexcused absences, property damage, poor performance, or at the teacher's discretion. Administrative decisions are final.

31. In the event of any confusion or disagreement concerning rules or policies, students are encouraged to consult the rules provided above. The administration's decision will be conclusive in resolving any such misunderstandings.


I've read the above rules and regulations, and I agree to abide by them


Student/ Parent/Guardian 

By submitting the admission form online, the student (or the parent, in the case of a minor student) agrees to comply with all the aforementioned rules and regulations.

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